Louie Fontaine’s album, The Sun Ain’t Black, is the culmination of three decades of experience playing and recording a wide variety of music. The Sun Ain’t Black is primarily an Americana record with blues, country and even art rock finding their way onto the disc. Shades of the Stones, Tom Petty, Nick Cave and Tom Waits peek in and out of this collection of gems. The songs are gems but the live show is an off the hook rock concert with an energy that can only be seen to be believe. if Queens of the Stone Age were an Americana band with David Bowie as the frontman, you’d have Louie Fontaine & The Starlight Searchers.

The Danish-born Fontaine, who lived in New Orleans from 2000-2002, returned to Louisiana in 2015. He was determined to record in Louisiana ever since his close friend Rockie Charles passed away in 2010. Louie felt the urgency to make a musical statement so he booked time at the Dockside studios and cut basic tracks. With co-producer & engineer Tony Daigle, Fontaine knew he was closing in on his goal as the album took shape. “The songs were fresh,” says Fontaine, who penned all the songs excepting the one Charles penned for him, “That’s Rocking.”

Fontaine then brought his band, The Starlight Searchers over from Europe to record with him. The recording line-up included Louie on guitar, baritone guitar and bass, Rick Heart on the Hammond organ, steel guitar and piano, lead guitarist Egon Kronberg and bassist Martin Burke. Singing back-up were Charlene Howard, Teka Briscoe and Sharon Colette. Russell Batiste (Funky Meters) then completed the line-up by joining the band as the touring drummer.


Louie Fontaine
The Sun Ain’t Black
Release Date: December 2, 2017

  1. Ain’t The Right Girl For You Girl
  2. Waiting For A Friend
  3. Prefer My Demon
  4. Ain’t Talking To You
  5. It Ain’t Right
  6. The Sun Ain’t Black
  7. The Pill
  8. The Hambiltons
  9. Fully Control
  10. Maintain Her Love
  11. Pure Love
  12. Is She Real
  13. Daddy
  14. My Woman Is Insane
  15. That’s Rocking
  16. Cookie Talk



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