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Louie Fontaine DK: Voc/Bas/Gui
EK (LV) : Guitars
Martin Burke (US): Gui/Bass,Voc
John DC Washington (US): Drums

Additional Live Musicians On Larger Shows :
Terry La Garrde (USA) : Guitar
Rick Heart (USA) : Hammond/Pedal Steel
Fab Twins :Backing Vocals

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Louie Fontaine has finished his fifth album Buried & Blessed and ready to continue his on going tour The Most Expensive Band in The World
The album consist of 13 new song all writing by Fontaine’s own hand.As many times before Mr.Fontaine uses many musicians on his albums, Buried & Blessed has been recorded in 3 different countries, with 13 different musicians.
Kristina Dobele (Briefing), who has never ever before, played drums in her life, is taking well care of that, she also plays the Hammond Organ & backing vocals all through the CD.Longtime music partner Anders Banke (DK), has once again has arranged the horn section on 5 tracks, giving some of the songs the Mex Tex flavor that fits Fontaine’s music universe very well.

Songs such as Mama Hell Road, Buried & Blessed, Let Me Die are representing the darker side of the album, and shows Fontaine ability to write great songs, that last for ever.

Louie Fontaine never made albums in the same style, in contrast to the dark songs, you suddenly run into happy love songs like, My Dirty Heart, Lucky Guy, I Gotta A Crush On You , all with heart breaking stories, representing the melodic side of this great album.

On the Rockie side you got the story telling rock ‘n’ roller songs New Birds In Town, about a man taking his wife, into a new strip club in town,were she ends dancing the pole, who knows maybe it’s Mrs.Fontaine. It continues with the anti plastic breast rocker Big Boob Girls that’s rocking hard, followed up by The Road a country rocker that rolls well, with a harmonica solo spicing it up.

Louie Fontaine who lived in New Orleans for a couple of years, knows his blues to the bone ,songs like Real Life, Lunch From A Can, My Babes A Liar, clearly shows how well blues can be, when not preformed the traditional way.
The album ends up with the strange one chord tune, Anti Talking Type , that talks about a hardcore relationship, on the edge of a total breakdown.
Louie Fontaine now 40, is a great song writer, that seems only getting better by age.




Louie Fontaine has throughout his carrier as composer, bassist, singer and guitar player, tried everything from bombastic theatrical rock to laid down, dirty blues & murder ballads.
In 1999, Mr. Fontaine built The Beat Machine, a 1 ton mechanical drum machine, simply to create the sound he needed for his forthcoming record Soul Satisfaction On Clean Sheets, which was also the debut record by Louie Fontaine. The record came out world-wide during 2001-2005 on invisible records USA and Cd maximum Russia. Mr. Fontaine does what he wants in life! His music is uncompromising and justly difficult to compare with others. Journalists have had a hard time comparing him with other artists. Everything from Elvis, Alice Cooper, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Neil Young, Nine Inch Nails, The Tubes and Dr. John , have been mentioned during the years. The list is long and never ending.
Louie Fontaine The New Boss In Town
Louie Fontaine has tried just anything within the limits of Rock n Roll, and moving on. During the last couple of years while taking a break from the music, Louie Fontaine has build up an empire of Hotels in Latvia, Venezuela, Zanzibar, and 3 music clubs, a burger chain and his own Rock Festival Fontaine Festival. He got elected as first man ever from the west into politics in the ex Soviet Union, in an attempt to remove a corrupt mayor, and gained extreme popularity, by using his Rock n Roll skills in his campaign video New Boss In Town. As pay back city mayor burned down Latvia´s rock mekka no one, Louie´s own club. own. But enough was enough, too much business combined with the burning down of his music venue Fontaine Palace and his Zanzibar Hotel, made Mr. Fontaine has decided to return to what he is best at, writing and performing Rock n Roll music.
With loads of new material and a new CD Evil Love, Mr. Fontaine started to rock again, after more than 2 years break from the stage, he performs better than ever before, tuff times, makes tuff men.
Starlight Searchers
In 2011 Louie Fontaine started touring again in connection with the release of his new CD Evil Love, 2 new videos was shot in Venezuela, Running Hot and the bluesy tone Dancing On Fire, showing the greatness of Evil Love. In 2011 Louie Fontaine put his best band ever Starlight Searchers together and went on a club tour, and continued in summer 2011 playing 10 festivals. The audience loved the shows, and The Starlight Searchers were ever they came, stole the attention from bigger headliners.
The band recorded a motion picture „ The Most Expensive Band In The World” a 20 min long live show in 4 parts about a Rock n Roll band trying to make more money
Louie Fontaine & Starlight Searchers is a band that can take the big stage, each member is very familiar with playing in front large crowds and Louie Fontaine only gets better for every thousand standing in front of him. The 2 guitar players Terry La Gaarde (New Orleans) and Egon Kronberg works perfect together keeping Louie`s own guitar style alive. The rhythm section, been rocking together for more than 10 years, solid as a rock, in other words a great live band.
New CD 2012
Louie Fontaine & Starlight Searchers will be touring heavy, from Feb-May 2012 in clubs all over Europe and release a brand new album BURIED & BLESSED in 2012, before the festival season.
Samples New Album


Louie Fontaine DK: Voc/Bas/Gui
EK (LV) : Guitars
Martin Burke (US): Gui/Bass,Voc
John DC Washington (US): Drums

Additional Live Musicians On Larger Shows :
Terry La Garrde (USA) : Guitar
Rick Heart (USA) : Hammond/Pedal Steel
Fab Twins :Backing Vocals



Evil Love was recorded in Black Tornado Studios in Fontaine’s native city of Copenhagen, together with the backing band Starlight Searchers.
Starting of with 40 songs, 16 songs found there way to the new album Evil Love, during the 3 week session, the album is recorded 100% analog, you will find the sound extremely comfortable and dynamic.
Louie’s voice is right up in your face and the stories told on this album, are worth digging into, it is clearly that Mr. Fontaine got what he wanted on this record, it’s meant all the way through and don`t compromise the music in anyway.
Songs like Dancing On Fire stick to your brain like glue, performed with just drums and slide guitar, the beautiful Running Hot and I Cant Resist No Pain moves into some kind of hot Mexican rocky atmosphere, with a bunch of high trompets playing along the guitar themes.The much slower country ballads Wasting Time & Today She Is Mine, two pieces of well composed music, performed extremely well, the voice is superb in these two ballads.
The albums bluesy & jazzy songs are represented with songs like I Had Enough Of You a story of a hateful relationship with a woman, who fucks around with a mechanic. Head Full Of Hate a story of a evil unfair tax department lady, ending up with the rusty voice, story telling song Six Nights.
The murderous ballad Swimming In Blood shows Mr. Fontaine’s talent of telling good stories, this time about a man who kills his wife, because he loves her to much, the words of the chorus is Kalita Kalita, which is the name of Louie’s lover at this time, who knows what happened.
Moving to the rocky part of the album Mr. Fontaine clearly show how well he manage to play Rock ’n´ Roll songs like
The World Don´t Turn, You Cant Always Love Them says it all, clean cut roots music.
The CD ends up with 2 Bonus tracks, the perverted Gang Bang Ball a real party song and another song written to Louie Fontaine by his music mentor Rockie Charles (New Orleans), who recently passed away I Got You Exited this album is dedicated to the late Mr. Charles.
To say that Evil Love is the best from Mr. Fontaine hand so far, would not be wrong to claim.


Running Hot
Dancing On Fire