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tour flyer Welcome to the tour blog for the Louie Fontaine & The Starlight Searchers European Tour 2013. Check back regularly for images and on the road anecdotes about one of the hardest working live bands around. The full *Buried & Blessed Tour 2013* schedule can be found here Your blogger for the tour will be The Starlight Searchers drummer extraordinaire **John DC Washington** and main man **Louie Fontaine**. Let's get the party started!!! More live, backstage and random pics from the tour can be seen on our On Tour Facebook page here
April 03 @ 10:41 AM
June 02

Fontaine Palace, Liepaja, Latvia

liepaja latvia The big night election day and filming the show once again with 5 cams and multi-track, i went to bed after arriving home, but regrets i should have stayed just a bit longer, to make sure DC Washington and EK would do the same, next day and found them in the bar at 1400 hours. We ended up arguing on stage during sound-check nobody could chat up, while checking the monitors, so i quit the sound-check and put them to bed, there was no reason to continue. Shows like this is either very good or very bad, this one turned out real good, i just listing to the recording it works well, after the show there was short but heavy party, i was in need of sex, but my wife did not like my condition, so i slept with a hard on till the morning. I lost the election so no longer a politician. Next we play Kaliningrad! Louie Fontaine
01:48 PM
June 01

Roxy, Kleipeda, Lituania

It was hard to get out of Riga all the band members meet there girlfriends and slept in there own beds, i took forever to leave, it seemed like too much satisfaction, the muscles we loose on Burkewitz, he was quiet as a lamb with shoulders. We ended up spending 7 hours on the road and only made it to Kleipeda at 21.00 for a sound-check. I think the Mary Ann tobacco also made everything move slow, and the breakfast served was Mary Ann tobacco. There was a good amount of people, Lord Josef Bishop opened up for us this time and did jazzy/bluesy show, we followed up with a rocky program, it was a good night, the owner got drunk before we were done and went home, that's a good night, we also got invited to play at his Festival 27th July.
01:46 PM
May 31

A Nice Place, Riga, Latvia

riga 3 bands on the program us Rebel Riot and Lord Bishop, the place was nice people came late but the place was well packed before showtime a good crowd who were there for the reason of Rock’N Roll, all the bands played real well this night, so it was necessary to celebrate. Smoking some strong Mary Ann tobacco knocked out most of us and we ended up eating burgers in Fontaine Delisnack, Riga checking out the quality, we did not smoke Mary Ann for a while, so it had it's impact, it just would not go away, i felt stoned even the next day. Louie Fontaine
01:43 PM
May 30

Von Grohl, Tallinn, Estonia

liepaja latvia After Pskov Russia we 2 two days of and stayed first night in a camp site deep inside the Estonian forest surrounded by young sport scholars and lots mosquitoes, grilling Russian steaks that we had smuggled over the Russian border. The mosquitoes sucked us dry so we left next day for Tallinn, and stayed in the old town, we were supposed to be nice guys, but instead most of the band ended up in a Bar and went straight to sound-check next day, meeting Lord bishop, whom we had to play the next 4 shows with. Well me and the boys gave up on the sound-check and went sleeping instead. The show went good but pretty empty on this Wednesday so it was hard to keep the energy. We ended up in the hotel with some new friend from the wine bar below the hotel and drank wine till sun came up, getting in trouble with the the hotel administration, i understand him today. Louie Fontaine
01:39 PM
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