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Von Grohl, Tallinn, Estonia

liepaja latvia After Pskov Russia we 2 two days of and stayed first night in a camp site deep inside the Estonian forest surrounded by young sport scholars and lots mosquitoes, grilling Russian steaks that we had smuggled over the Russian border. The mosquitoes sucked us dry so we left next day for Tallinn, and stayed in the old town, we were supposed to be nice guys, but instead most of the band ended up in a Bar and went straight to sound-check next day, meeting Lord bishop, whom we had to play the next 4 shows with. Well me and the boys gave up on the sound-check and went sleeping instead. The show went good but pretty empty on this Wednesday so it was hard to keep the energy. We ended up in the hotel with some new friend from the wine bar below the hotel and drank wine till sun came up, getting in trouble with the the hotel administration, i understand him today. Louie Fontaine
01:39 PM